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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 (2:00 PM. -- 4:00 PM.)
La Porte, Indiana: La Porte Municipal Airport (KPPO)
Trick or Treat at the Scairport
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This is a TWO-PART event. You may participate in one or both. Event #1 – Airborne Trick or Treat Beginning October 1 and ending October 24, fly to any airport restaurant and send 2 photos to diane@laporteairport.com. Photo #1: You with your food receipt Photo #2: You in front of the terminal or FBO identifying where you are. No limit to # of entries. Be sure to include your name! On Saturday, October 24, between noon and 4 pm, check in with Diane, Rachel, or Annie. You will select one full-size candy bar for every restaurant for which you have submitted a photo. Here’s the fun part – at least 1 in 5 candy bars will have a prize inside the wrapper – might be 5 gals of fuel, might be a t-shirt, might be something else. There is no limit to the number of prizes you can win. You might be super-lucky and every candy bar you draw will be a winner. You might be really un-lucky and none of your candy bars will be a winner. One flying couple = 1 entry. If you can’t make it on Saturday, October 24, (see Event #2 – Trick or Treat at the Scairport) stop by any day AFTER the 24th and you can still select a candy bar and hopefully win a prize! Please submit photos within 3 days of visiting the restaurant. DO NOT send all your photos at once. In order to assure we will have enough candy bars, please have all photos here by October 19. All pilots, whether based at KPPO or not, are eligible. However, we request that everyone purchase fuel at KPPO to help us offset the cost of prizes. Event #2 – Trick or Treat at the Scairport On Saturday, October 24, from 2 pm – 4 pm, we’ll be hosting an airport version of Trunk or Treat, called “Trick or Treat at the Scairport”. This event will be open to the public. If it’s too rainy/windy/snowy on the 24th, we’ll reschedule for Sunday the 25th. Pilots – park your plane on the apron, and decorate your plane and/or area. Please plan to be set up by 1:30. Please register (here) by Monday, October 19 so we know how many airplanes to expect. Any pilot/plane can participate – whether based at KPPO or not. A costume is not required (although it certainly adds to the fun) – but a mask IS REQUIRED – so you might as well make it a Halloween mask! Trick or treat will be open to the community but families will be required to pre-register for a specific time slot (2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30). Please provide your own candy. We’ll provide you with the number of children registered. The airport will also be handing out treat bags to the children. AOPA has graciously donated aviation-related goodies. Please have your area set up and ready by 1:30 pm. Trick or treat will be from 2:00 – 4:00. To prevent the spread of germs, you MUST hand the candy to treat-or-treaters. Please do not allow them to put their grimy little hands (I mean lovely little hands) into the candy bowl. The families and kiddos will be voting on the best display so bring your “A” game because there’s probably a semi-fabulous prize in the making. Please do not start breaking down your display until 4:15 to allow plenty of room for people in the final time slot. At 4:30, we’ll be announcing the winner of the decorating contest. We’ll also acknowledge those who have participated in “Airborne Trick or Treat” and announce their winnings.

Airport Information:
La Porte Municipal Airport (KPPO)
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Contact - Diane Schwarz

Phone - 2193243393

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Trick Or Treat At The Scairport

La Porte Municipal Airport (KPPO)

2341 State Rd 39 S

La Porte, Indiana 46350