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Saturday, Sep 19, 2020 (10:00 AM. -- 10:00 PM.)
Bethel, Pennsylvania: Grimes (8N1)
Biplanes, Bands, & Cruise Night
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A Fly-In / Drive-In featuring musical entertainment all day and evening. Bring your vintage aircraft and classic cars. Gates open at 10am for airplane rides. Music starts at 1pm and will run until 10pm or? Blues, Pop Covers, Jazz, Folk, Originals, and Rock by: Hex Highway Blues Band; Penny Lynn Music; The Crunch Daddies; Jeff Lovell/Justin Morell Jazz Duo; Jim Matlack & Michael O'Neal Jr. All are welcome. Free admission (donations preferred). Biplane rides. Refreshments & food services available. Bring a chair or blanket. BYOB. Wine tasting. Overnight camping encouraged.

Airport Information:
Grimes (8N1)
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Contact - Paul Dougherty

Phone - 717-933-9566

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Biplanes, Bands, & Cruise Night

Grimes (8N1)

371 Airport Road

Bethel, Pennsylvania 19507