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Saturday, Aug 03, 2019 (8:00 AM. -- 12:00 PM.)
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania: Bloomsburg Municipal Airport (N13)
Fly In Breakfast & Safety Seminar
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Presenter: John Sibole, FAA Program Mgr. Harrisburg FSDO Office. TITLE: Air Defense In The Cold War In this seminar we’ll learn about the air defense system that defended our nation during the Cold War, including some of the amazing equipment that was developed in this effort. A former fighter pilot will share what it was like to fly the F-106 in the intercept mission, and we’ll discuss the safety procedures to follow if you’re ever intercepted in “security” airspace. To Register: Left: Cpt John W. Sibole, US Air Force 1972 -1977

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Bloomsburg Municipal Airport (N13)
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Fly In Breakfast & Safety Seminar

Bloomsburg Municipal Airport (N13)

301 Airport Road

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815