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Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 (11:00 AM. -- 3:00 PM.)
Shumway, Illinois: Shumway “Inner”national Airport (IL05)
2019 BBQ Pork Lunch
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EAA Chapter 16 annual fundraiser. 10 NM NNW of Effingham, IL Airport, 1H2. This is a great sod airstrip 2338’ Long, 200’ Wide and very smooth. Always a great turn out so hope to see you all there.

Airport Information:
Shumway “Inner”national Airport (IL05)
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Contact - Jack Allen Poff

Phone - 2178212868

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2019 BBQ Pork Lunch

Shumway “Inner”national Airport (IL05)

19260 N 700th Street

Shumway, Illinois 62461