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Saturday, Sep 08, 2018 (12:00 AM. -- 5:00 PM.)
Westminster, Maryland: Clearview Airpark (2W2)
Annual Fly-in / Drive-in PICNIC
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Annual Fly-in / Drive-in picnic Come and enjoy an afternoon socializing with pilots, future pilots and people that enjoy to be around aviation. We'll have Hamburgers, Hotdogs, potato salad, deserts and other side items. some pilots may give some rides. When you come in make sure to visit the FBO we have a great parts store and if you fly in get yourself a coffee mug "I Landed at Clearview Airport"

Airport Information:
Clearview Airpark (2W2)
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Contact - Richard Rain

Phone - 4109355566

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Annual Fly-in / Drive-in PICNIC

Clearview Airpark (2W2)

526 Oak Tree Rd.

off Rt.97 & Bartholow Rd.

Westminster, Maryland 21157